Tools & Restoration

At Summit Paint and Stain, we know things age and wear down… That’s why we have done extensive research to find the best possible solutions to the issues that affect our homes in the high country. From coating removal systems to specialty application tools and everything in between, we’ve got the caulk guns, spatulas, sprayers, pieces and parts to keep it all together and moving forward!


Offering the most dependable sprayers on the market today. Ranging from the affordable Advantage series for homeowners to the professional Impact series for contractors. We sell all pieces and parts to keep you up and running to get the work done.

  • Tips
  • Extensions
  • Re-pack kits
  • Guns and Hoses
  • I-Remote

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Engineering Dispensing Solutions. Since 1936 the Schneider family has been a leader in dispensing tool / caulking gun markets…

  • Bulk Guns
  • Cleaning tools
  • Parts
  • Albion chinking tools bag
  • Electric Chinking Guns +multiple sizes of tips and spatulas

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The industry standard to restore and replace wood and concrete! Repair rather than replace, saves you time and money. Something we all like!

  • LiquidWood
  • WoodEpox
  • Abocrete
  • Abocoat
  • Abothane
  • Primkote
  • Abosolve

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